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Top Rated, Reliable Ruby Guru

10 year UpWork history with a 100% client satisfaction rate and I intend to carry it on to another 10.

18 years ago, I did my first client project, a simple inventory management application based on VB and and Access database when I was a grade 9 student in school. Since then I have worked on over 100 client projects in a variety of languages and frameworks ranging from simple websites to complicated SaaS applications. A significant proportion of them facilitated by UpWork. My 100% client satisfaction and 5 star average across projects have landed me on the title "Top Rated Developer".

I am a full stack developer. Given a concept and design I can breathe life in to your project. I build efficient, easy to maintain, standard compliant applications that meet (and generally exceed) client expectation.

You can visit the link below to find my profile on UpWork where you can invite me to a project. I generally respond within 24 hours.

Ziyan Junaideen @ UpWork

What is UpWork?

Glad you asked! Simply say, UpWork is a market place for freelance work. You as the client has the ability to post a job description. Available freelancers who are interested will apply to your job with their rates. You then interview and select an appropriate freelancer.

UpWork provides a platform for communication and works similar to an escrow. The communication features have improved drastically over the last few years. But I prefer to use 3rd party services like Slack for chit-chat and communicate through a proper issue tracker (like Github Issues).

For the services provided, if I am correct, they take roughly 12.5%. For example if I bill you $100.00, I will get $90.00 (10% tax on the freelancer). But you will end up paying $102.50 (2.5% tax for the client).

As a result, many clients I have met through UpWork are inclined to work directly with me after the 2 year period we have agreed to work through UpWork. That is should we meet through UpWork, we are required to work through the platform for 24 months to come.

Ziyan Junaideen @ UpWork