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Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 03 April 2020
The Sinhala and Tamil New Year in 2020 is unlikely going to be a blast. The COVID19 virus has put the country in to a state of lockdown. New year celebrations aside, people are struggling to survive the day.
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 07 April 2020
The SD Card of my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus went undetected after installing a system update.
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 07 February 2020
Once a die hard Windows user, then a die hard Linux user, is jumping on board the Apple ship. Apple is costly, while the "ecosystem" is interesting, that is not the main reason.
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 07 April 2020
As it seems many SLT Broadband users are experiencing slower torrent speeds during off-peak times. Is Sri Lanka Telecom up to no good?
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Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 09 July 2019 V3 is in progress. Started as a custom WordPress website (V1), it moved to Sinatra (V2) and currently is based on Ruby on Rails (V3).
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Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 03 April 2020
I placed in an order in Keells Super website with great difficulty on April 1st. Estimate was up to 72 hours but haven't received yet. Now Thalahena is not in the delivery grid and I am worried.
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Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 03 August 2019
DJI Osmo Pocket story mode and my story features are great but could be better. How on earth can you edit those captions?
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Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 23 April 2020
It is believed by some that planting big-onions in front of the house would have negative effects according to feng shui like believes. Is this true?
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 05 June 2020
Code deploys failed. Connection to port 22 was timing out. I thought it was a Github issue or a firewall issue. But it turned out to be an issue with SSH. The config I used to get deploys operational.
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 03 February 2020
Apple is known to be heavy on the pocket. When it comes to iPads, it introduces significant improvement among mid and high tier versions. In a time where the iPad Gen 4 is about to be released what would you get in Sri Lanka?
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 07 February 2020
Looking for an iPad, I found this store in Liberty Plaza through a listing on called MacXeon. I visited the location, its was small, and the sales women there knew her Apple and was a delight meet as many sellers don't have the passion to sell a product like Apple.
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 04 February 2020
Electronic waste is a major concern in many countries including EU and Sri Lanka. Charging port harmonization will help, but not that much. I believe bundling products (headphones, charging cable, charging brick) should not be allowed and users should be made to buy them separate.
Posted by Ziyan Junaideen 03 February 2020
Was the 2 hour power failure in Feb 3rd the beginning of the annual Sri Lankan power cut? Did the dark ages just start?